Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Glencoe in BraveHeart - Glencoe, Scotland, UK

It was such a brief stop at the mountains of Glencoe on our way to Inverness. This is the disadvantage of going with the tour bus. I should have driven to the Highlands and spent more time exploring the beautiful Glencoe area on my own…but I was just too tired! Though it was just a moment, I was awed by the beauty and vastness of Glencoe. It was an effect of glaciations millions years ago which carved the formation of these humongous rocks.

I love history and so I was listening attentively to the guide’s tale of the famous massacre of clan MacDonald in Glencoe. Clan Donald was one of the largest Scottish clans. The Massacre of Glencoe took place in the Valley of Glencoe in the morning of 13th February 1692. Seventy eight MacDonalds were killed because they had not been prompt in pledging allegiance to King William and Mary. Glencoe was one of the locations for the epic movie Braveheart.

Soon we were back on the coach humming to the tune of Sweet Glencoe.


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