Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stonecutter Inn - Warrnambool, Australia

I love the mural on the bathroom wall
The Stonecutter Inn is a beautiful and comfortable self catering accommodation to stay in Warrnambool. We took the spacious three bedrooms apartment for 2 nights. There are two bedrooms that sleeps 5 people upstairs and a double bedroom down stairs. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the cheerful owner, Gary (Oh My Gosh McCosh as he called himself) who showed us around the house. Gary was very welcoming and so was his affable wife.
Stonecutter Inn 

Warrnambool is a small town and Stonecutter Inn is located in a quiet neighbourhood not far from the town centre. The apartment is very unique and impressive, both the interior and exterior. Interestingly, Gary himself took the painstaking job of refurbishing the place with recycled materials from several places in Warrnambool, even from the graveyard! And that scares us Gary! Every corner of the apartment has a story as we listened attentively how Gary built this house. Gary and his wife live just on the street opposite Stonecutter Inn and one fine afternoon, we dropped by his house to meet his friendly wife and their parrots.

I love the finishing and interior of this apartment and would definitely return if I come to Warrnambool again. It feels like home and being there in winter we spent more time in the house cooking and eating.

The black wrought iron came from the cemetery in Warrnambool :)
And this one too!
Another beautiful mural
One of the bedroom upstairs
The dining area
Gary's painting
Old Warrnambool newspaper

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