Saturday, April 23, 2011

La belle Gordes - Provence, Southern France

Gordes on a sunny day
About 38 km from Avignon, there is a charming old village by the name of Gordes. The best way to go to the village is to take a guided tour or you can drive there. It is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France but over the centuries, the population has shrunk to about 2130 inhabitants. Like most other villages in Southern France, Gordes perched on a hill as part of their strategy in those days…to be able to see the enemy when attacked. 

Gordes after a rainy day
A 12th century Renaissance style castle was built in the middle of the village, while all the stone houses clung tightly to the base of the cliffs. To preserve the unique architectural design and to maintain the village the way it has been, no fencing is allowed, the streets are paved with stones and only stone walls could be built. We were told that no nails were used to build the houses in Gordes. The shades of Gordes change according to the weather and regardless whatever the seasons you choose to come, Gordes remains a perfect picture for a postcard. Behind the village there are small roads leading to the valleys and forest of Plateau de Vaucluse and another picturesque spot, the Abbaye de Sénanque is 4 km away isolated in a little valley. Gordes is a popular summer residence for painters, movie stars and famous people.
From the other side of the hill, we watched the beautiful Gordes at sunset
Medieval house on the way to Gordes

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