Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Scene in Merzouga - Morocco

I wish to express my gratitude to Mustofa and Ahmed who had made our journey safe and enjoyable in Morocco. Syukran for being so accommodating and this scene in the barren land of Merzouga would not have been possible without your kind understanding of my endless requests.   

I spotted these three characters in the middle of no where. I was astonished.... one of them laid still on the sand. "She is dead." I told everyone. Ahmed stopped the vehicle and we watched quietly, "No" whispered Mustafa. The sun was burning and we remained still watching this creature. I was wondering, what was she up to?

Her friend, not far from the scene, came over, probably trying to investigate what happened.

We remained quiet but out of nowhere, a Berber cycling passed by and the sound of the bicycle's tires on the gravels must have caught her attention. All of a sudden she got up probably realizing there were people watching her antics. Such a drama queen :)
Now...the beautiful part.... all the three were captured on my lens in harmony and back to their senses!
The final scene...I caught him with only three legs...just kidding....not actually, he is perfect.

We laughed...and the show ended! Ahmed started the vehicle and off we rode into the mirage to continue our journey. The lesson that we learnt in the desert was.....when we are far from civilization even a simple scene is entertaining! We continued driving through the endless sea of desert...

Thank you everyone for being so supportive. Hope you people enjoyed the moment as much as I did. 

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