Monday, May 28, 2012

Zagreb Mosque and Islamic Centre - Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb mosque today- built in connection of tradition and modernity 
In the Second World War, the mufti of Zagreb, Ismet Muftic was executed by the Partisan in 1945. The establishment of communism after the war had huge implication on the political and social changes which also impacted the Zagreb Muslim community. In 1948, the old Zagreb Mosque was demolished and since then, restoring the Muslim institution is difficult under unfavorable circumstances. The foundation stone of the new Zagreb Mosque was laid in 1981 in the suburb of Zagreb and finally, the present Zagreb Mosque and Islamic Centre was completed and opened to public in 1987 (www.islamska-zajednica.hr)

The mosque was built by the Zagreb builders “Tehnika” and the architect, Džemal Čelić is a Professor at Sarajevo University, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His design was co-authored by Mirza Gološ, an architect from Sarajevo, while Ešref Kovačević, the best known Bosnian calligrapher of the time, took charge of the calligraphy (www.islamska-zajednica.hr).

We went to the tourist information centre in Galvni Kolodvor but the direction given wasn't very clear. We tried to ask people we met at the tram station but not all knew where the place is. Finally, after a long walk we did find the mosque and we had a wonderful lunch at the restaurant in the mosque. Most people in the mosque were very friendly but we were not able to ask much question due to language barrier.

How to go to the mosque?
Take tram no 6, from the tram station in front of Galvni Kolodvor. You can actually take several trams; number 6, 7, 14 and 8 to reach the mosque. But we took tram line number 6 in front of Galvni Kolodvor (the main train station).  Stopped at the Folnegovićevo naselje station and walked about 15 minutes passing the residential flats and once you get on the main road with traffic lights at the junction, the minaret is visible from a distance.

The address of the mosque:

Zagreb Mosque and Islamic Centre
Medžlis of the Islamic community
Gavellina 40
Croatia 10000

The whole complex is 10,000 square meter
Part of the complex
Another view of the mosque
42meters high minaret
The domes resemble shells
Ceramic calligraphy constitutes surah Yassin
The interior of Zagred mosque portrays simplicity 
The first floor is the ladies' hall
The ladies' hall
The main prayer hall
The entrance
The Mihrab is adorned with the calligraphy from Ayatul Kursi
Mimbar where the Imam preaches
Remains from the fence of the old mosque's Mimbar
The mimbar of the old Zagreb mosque 
The remains of the old mosque mihrab exhibited


  1. salam.please can you attach link to google map .how to go mosque from tram station.

    jizakulAllah khair for the information.

    may i ask where you from.

  2. Salam,
    Please read the last part of the above writing, where I have stated clearly how to go to the mosque by tram from the station Gavlni Kolodvor.