Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rambling in Goreme - Cappadocia, Turkey

Amazing landscape near Goreme
Naturally crafted by nature
Having a guide is a luxury that we can't afford all the time when traveling. But every corner of Goreme is so picturesque that you don't really need one to experience the spectacular landscape. Ramble through the unknown and the result can be rewarding!

One late afternoon, after having coffee and sweet patisseries at a tea shop in the town, we decided to explore Goreme on our own to see if we can find some interesting scenic location at no cost. The only cost that we're about to incur is time which is worth spending every minute!

From downtown, we walked up the cobbled streets leading to the top of Adylini Hill. In just two years the town and villages around it has changed tremendously with small and medium sized hotels and pensions sprawling everywhere.   But with such rapid development going on, we are still lucky to see the uniqueness of the surreal landscape.

As we descended the other side of Adylini Hill we came across a small vegetables farm and the friendly farmer invited us to taste the sweet ripe tomatoes. Perhaps the fertile volcanic soil has given the tomatoes the extra sweet and juicy taste. From the farm we crossed over a little bridge near Goreme Kaya Otel. And from there we started climbing up the hills. It was an easy walk up the hills but the wind was very strong that day and we felt like we were going to be blown away. Once on the hill, we found that we were surrounded by valleys full of fairy chimneys. It was just amazing!

We passed by Goreme Kaya Otel
Goreme Kaya Hotel carved in the rocks
The scenery on our way to higher ground
Fairy Chimneys
Amazing rocks formation
It feels surreal seeing it!
View from a high plateau
We walked on the rocks
Goreme town from the hill
Part of Goreme on an Autumn day
Massive chimney shaped rocks - like in the fairy tales

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