Thursday, September 24, 2009

Istanbul Spice Bazaar - Turkey

Go nuts!
The Famous Spice Bazaar in Istanbul
Located in Fatih, the Spice Bazaar is the second largest after Grand Bazaar. It is also known as Egyptians Bazaar because during the Ottoman period most of the spices were imported via Egypt. The building itself is part of the nearby Yeni Cami (mosque). The Spice Bazaar is just a few stops from our hotel in Sultanahmet and its location is pretty close to the Eminonu tram station. The aroma and the colors are so enticing that we ended up spending more time here! 

It is best to go to this bazaar in the early morning as it gets crowded approaching afternoon with buses of tourist making their stops here to shop for Turkish lokum, spices and food. The place is so lively and being here the first time can get you crazy looking at the sweets, nuts, spices and of course the crowd.  But the beauty is Turkish vendors are very camera friendly and that adds up the charm of the Bazaar.

Dried Tomatoes
Dried pineapple
Yummy pistachios lokum
Sweet roses buds for tea and beauty
Mountain of aromatic spices
Soft lokum
The nutty lokums with natural sweetness of honey
Chunks of Turkish Delights, Sun-Dried Tomatoes,Raisins, Dried Chillies and Dried Cherry Tomatoes

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