Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sultan Cave Suites - Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey


Sultan Caves Suites is a lovely boutique hotel next to Kelebek. Both hotels are managed by the same owner. Initially we tried to book Kelebek but it was full and instead we were offered Sultan Caves. Just about 100 meter from Kelebek, we got to stay in a much private accomodation but yet enjoying the same facilities. The hotel is situated on the Adylini Hill and we have magnificent views of Goreme and the village. We stayed at Suite 311 with a balcony that gave us a charming view of the village.

I love the interior of Sultan Caves
The balcony with magnificent view of Goreme
Unique and lovely furniture
That's not a window but a small storage 
The dressing table stool is movable
Spacious and interestingly furnished 
Beautiful ceiling
Breakfast on the terrace

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