Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fairy Chimneys in Pasabag - Cappadocia, Turkey

Natural rock formation in Pasabag
Pasabag is on the road to Zelve, not very far from Goreme. This site is also known as Monks Valley, deriving its name from the cones carved in tuff stones which stand apart. Pasabag contains striking fairy chimneys with twin and triple mushroom-shaped rock caps. The hermitage of Simeon monks was said to hide at the top of a 2m high column and later moved to 15m. The hollow of the chimney from bottom to top is 10-15m high. 

It was late summer and the weather was perfect when we visited this place. The place is hilly and we need a bit of extra energy to climb the slopes and the hills but the higher we get the more beautiful the view around us. Even if you opt not to do any climbing, just walking around the area will give you a magnificent feeling like you're somewhere out of the world, surrounded by tall chimneys like in the fairy tales. After a long exhausting walk we sat down to have the cool Turkish ice cream from the vendor on his bicycle parked near the area.

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