Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shopping Time in Jaffe

Ahaaa...this is how you buy chicken in Jaffe
We just got out of the desert and back on the road to continue our journey to Skoura. After a brief stop at the fossil factory in Rissani, we came across this little desert town, Jaffe.  It was about 10 am on Wednesday morning and the morning market was packed with people shopping for food and daily supplies. The main road was congested and it took awhile to get through the traffic. 

But the road congestion was a blessing and we had a good view of this pretty interesting desert town. Truly Morocco is a diverse country, not only for its landscape but also food, culture and population. Everybody seemed busy doing their shopping and I watched the bustling market came to life with the smell of food, women in miftah, sellers calling to their customers and the traffic honking one another.  

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