Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in time...Fes

Sharing the alleys with donkeys
Transportation in Medina

Soon we arrived at a car park which has got to be Ain Zelteen. The driver spoke to a man in Arabic and swiftly the man transferred out baggage into a cart and we were instructed to follow him. He was fast pushing the cart while we tagged along through the little alleys in the medina. This town looks strange...it's like back a few hundred years ago. Squeezing ourselves among the dwellers of this ancient town and the overloaded donkeys in the narrow streets is a wonderful experience.

After all the twists and turns...we finally arrived at the house. Graham, the owner of Dar el Menia was there welcoming us to his charming dar (traditional house). The 5 bedrooms dar is all ours for the two nights. It was a peaceful stay with lots of privacy. I love every aspect of Dar el Menia and I think the owner did a fabulous job restoring the house and keeping every intricate details of the d├ęcor. Its location which is just off Ta’ala Kabira, the main street in Medina makes everything within easy reach.

Graham asked us about our plans for tomorrow and we ambitiously told him that we’re going to explore the Medina on our own. His quick response was, “You’ll surely get lost!” and we all broke into laughter. In the end, we settled for a guide in the afternoon and stick to our original plan to explore the Medina with 9000 winding alleys and tiny streets in the morning. Surely that was fun and Graham was absolutely right!

The bedroom in Dar El Menia
The beautiful copper sink
Utensils in blue - Fes theme color
Rest area in the second floor bedroom

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