Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every Face Tells a Story - 2011

Every face tells a story
2011 had been an exciting and memorable journey of my life. As I flipped through thousands of pictures that I had taken, I began to reflect what have I learnt from my journeys. Travel is not just about mesmerizing sceneries, grandeur architectures, stunning landscapes, and amazing nature that I have frequently encountered in my previous jaunts. My travels in 2011 was somehow different. It was about the gracious people I met; their presence, greetings and smiles have touched my soul and changed my perception. Through them, I have learnt many things beyond those travel guide books have got to offer.

The inspirational journey to Iran in May, 2011 was an odyssey of celebration in every corner I traveled and a joyful moment with everyone I met. Regardless of the economic sanction, the controversies, the political unrest, the Iranians have yet to offer another side of the story. It is a story of the common people on the streets like me who are anxious to make friends surpassing those boundaries and barriers of politics, language and culture. Their faces transcend an untold story of friendship, hospitality and kindness to mankind. Our feelings are mutual and they hardly need to be expressed in words.

She is so special - Lake Temenggor, Malaysia
My second trip to Turkey in October 2011 as expected did not fail to charm me again with its warm hospitality. In Turkey, it never surprises me when a cup of tea is always there to greet me on a cold Autumn day. In all fairness, I reciprocated every hand extended with a word of “Thanks” – thanks for accepting me in your country, for showing me the directions when I'm lost and for helping me when I'm in trouble. 

These faces have taught me valuable lessons of life. To all my friends in every corner of the world, I thank you for being part of my life. To those new friendships I have sealed along the journey, no words can express how much your kindness has meant to me. To the strangers who have crossed my path and touched my life, thank you for leading me to another destination of life. It's still January 2012...Happy New Year everybody :).

They greeted us and asked to be photographed - Shiraz, Iran
Happy faces in the village of Palangan-Kurdistan
Look like they are in a serious discussion - Palangan, Iran
Warm, hilarious and lovely ladies from New Zealand I met in Goreme
Love every moment of her antics - Palangan, Kurdistan
A visit from Korean friends in Summer 2011 - Putrajaya, Malaysia
Captured her shyness - Palangan, Kurdistan
The friendly elderly men in the street of Kamyaran, Kurdistan
Selling vegetables in the street of Kamyaran, Kurdistan
Smiling radiantly for the camera - Thank you girls - Palangan, Kurdistan
The students in serious mood after the conference - Sanandaj
My new friend - I'm lucky to be with her in Tehran
Befriending the natives of Malaysia
The family of Jahai tribe, Lake Temenggor, Malaysia
I thought, I found James Bond in Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Turkey
He charmed us for hours with his beautiful carpets - Imam Square, Esfahan
She amazed us with her tumbles - From Kos, Greece to Bodrum, Turkey
Even a brief stop for restroom deserves a celebration - Sanandaj

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