Thursday, December 29, 2011

I love every aspect of Dar el Menia - Fes Medina, Morocco

Dark, tiny alleys to Dar el Menia....but wait until you're inside the house
The bathroom on second floor
This 250 years old Dar el Menia (Moroccan Traditional House) is one of the most interesting accommodation I have ever stayed. We arrived in the walled old city of Medina in the evening. From one man, we were transferred to another and finally, we trotted behind the man pushing our luggage in a small cart, like a wheel barrow. Not a word was spoken. I began to wonder, "Where am I?" The ambience was weird, nothing I have seen before in my life. Stealing a glance at my surrounding, I began to worry about the accommodation I've booked! Must be scruffy!

As we got deeper into the Medina, the alleys were getting smaller and darker...it was scary. The man suddenly stopped in front of a huge, heavy iron door and began banging it.  As soon as the door opened, a tall, lean English man appeared in front of us. I felt relief, it must be none other than Graham, the owner of Dar el Menia whom I've been corresponding through emails. He greeted and invited us into his charming Dar. Graham took time to explain about the house and the Medina. I was utterly impressed by every detail of the interior and obviously, he has done an impressive pain staking job to preserve the house. It is an amazing Dar (house).

Narrow bedroom Moroccan style
This is a place I would recommend to anyone who loves to experience the rustic and authentic Moroccan living in the Medina. The house can actually sleep 11 but the four of us rented the whole house for privacy. It has 4 bedrooms over the three floors, all with attached bathrooms, a communal salon and 2 kitchens; one on the ground floor and the other at the roof top. In the morning Um Kalthum and her husband, Mustpha came to prepare us breakfast and kept the house immaculately clean. They only speak French and Arabic but the sign language works pretty well for us.

Dar el Menia has been featured in Lonely Planet, Sunday Times Travel Magazine and it has been fully restored by the owner, Graham Coules. It is a wonderful place that we wish to stay when we visit Morocco again.
website: www.medinafes.com

In another bedroom at level 2
Cozy day bed
The bathroom on the third level
Interesting ceramic piece
The kitchen
The wash basin
The shower head

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