Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tea and Simit - Turkey

Hot apple tea
Interestingly, when you visit the carpet shops or any other shops in Turkey, you'll be offered glasses of tea in the process of closing a deal. The shops owners would come up with a list of choices, "What would you like? Apple tea, rose tea or black tea." Of course, the most popular choice among the tourists would be apple tea as Turkey is known for it. I had the pleasure of sampling several types of Turkish tea and my favorite will always be the apple tea.

Apple tea and rose tea
If the shop owners are too busy to serve their customers, in a few minutes, the tea boy would come running from no where, to serve you the hot aromatic apple tea in tiny tulip shaped glasses. I think, drinking tea is a way of life and part of the Turkish culture. It is a sign of hospitality by the host and to refuse would be an insult. I enjoyed every glass of tea I had in Turkey and even after a stomach busting dinner, a glass or two will not hurt. 

In the morning, I like to have my tea with the light, crunchy, golden brown Simit topped generously with sesame. Simit is a famous street fast food and it can be easily found on streets in Istanbul or any cities in Turkey.  It can be eaten with jam, tahini, butter or cheese but I love Simit just on its own. So the next time when you're in Turkey indulge yourself with tea and Simit!
Popular Simit vendor at Sultanahmet Square
Enticing Simits
Warm Simits

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