Thursday, November 3, 2011

Old Greek Village in Cavusin - Cappadocia, Turkey

The Ruins of Old Greek Village in Cavusin
Since morning, it was drizzling but that had not stopped us from wandering around the ruins of this abandoned old Greek Village. All equipped with umbrellas, raincoats and plastic wraps we ascended the highest point of the rubble.  Along the way, we visited an old mosque in the village. Not a working mosque anymore but the place is well maintained as a historical site for visits. There was once a small chapel in the village and houses were carved on the hill close to each other.

According to our guide, this place was once occupied by the Greeks and overtime the erosion and harsh weather condition had made it unsafe to live.  The government relocated the inhabitants and the village was abandoned. As we moved up higher grounds, the dwellings around this hillside village become visible and the surrounding landscape depicts a deep red ochre tones, giving Cavusin a distinct look.

Soon the cold wind and the heavy rain forced us to leave this place and we had to reschedule our visit to a much warmer location. We headed to the Pottery Cave Factory in Avanos.
It was freezing 
Shades of autumn colors
Approaching the mosque
A non-working mosque with all the basics intact
The abandoned ruins
Wandering around the ruins
Clad in blue raincoat, some of us explored the village
The peak of the hill
Rocks formation around Cavusin spotted from the hill top
Ochre tones landscape
Vine trees in late autumn
A view from the hill top
The 'new' Cavusin from the hill top 

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