Friday, January 3, 2014

Tea in Sahara - Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Morning tea served in the middle of the desert with goats' dung around the table :)
It was such a memorable place to have tea - the desert! In the middle of the desert, we were served the herbal Berber tea.  Ali invited us to have a sip of this magical drink and he told us the flavor of the tea can be altered by pouring it at different heights. We looked at one another and I sensed that it must be the way the tea was presented - on a little table lined with scruffy table cloth with goats' dung all over the place. I spoke in my language to the girls, "Let's have a drink and don't offend our sincere host." I picked few strands of grass or maybe herbs from my tea and quickly gulp it down my throat and not to think of anything.  
The water for our tea comes from this well in the middle of the desert

Last night when we arrived at the camp, we were served the same tea under a canvas of stars in the sky and the dim light of the candles, and no one complained but today in the broad day light, they started to see the tea differently. 

Ali invited us to the well of fortune which has provided him and his guests the supply of water. The small well is well covered with a kilim to keep it safe from the sand. Anyway, the sweet Berber herbal tea will boost our energy before we start riding our camels through the desert.   
Beber tea

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