Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stunning Architecture and Great History - Roma, Italy

The Grand Amphitheater, Colosseum, looks so imposing in the middle of city traffics

We took the fast train from Naples to Rome in the early morning and arrived in Rome at about 10 am. There are so much to see in Rome but unfortunately we are spending only a night. However, with efficient time management, it wasn't really that bad...we got to see some of the iconic things in Rome and no shopping.  Most of the historical places are within walking distance, and the city train and buses are well connected to these interesting places. We bought a day pass, which is usable on the bus and train.

Rome's historic center was inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980 which encompasses among others the well known Colosseum, Roman Forum, Roman Bath, Vatican and the ancient market.

It is a wonderful city minus the rampant pickpockets which happen almost so casually in any crowded places, the subways and even in the churches. Despite of taking all the necessary precautions,and trying to be extra careful, one of us was pickpocket in the metro. When the train is packed with people and that is just about the right time for them to get in action. How else should we remind ourselves repeatedly, be extra careful!
Trevi Fountain - one of the busiest spot in Rome

Arches of the Colosseum

A street artist painting the Coliseum
'Modern art' on Roma city metro
The graffiti on the train looks cool :)
On guard at the Vatican

Vatican - the world's smallest sovereign state


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