Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Grande Mosquée de Paris - Paris, France

The tile work on the walls of Paris Mosque
Grand Mosque of Paris is the largest mosque in France. The minaret of the mosque is 33 meters high and the architecture imitates the Moorish of Andalusian (Mudejar). Founded in 1926, the first communal prayer was led by the Algerian Sufi (Shadilliya), Sheikh Ahmad al-Alawi on July 15, 1926. When France was occupied by the Germans in the World War II, the mosque was a secret refuge for the Jews, providing shelter and fake Muslim birth certificates to escape the holocaust (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Mosque)

A major renovation on the interior of the mosque was completed in 1992 and the decoration used mosaics, wood carvings and wrought iron imported from Morocco. What is more interesting is the central courtyard of the mosque which reminds me of the typical patios in the Andalusian homes and palaces. The ground paved with turquoise tiles and decorated with small trees, shrubs, flowers,  ponds and fountains makes the place so delightful with its refreshing look.  
One of the entrance of the mosque

Today the mosque is the center of attraction for most people especially Muslims who come to Paris and a busy place on Fridays, Ramadan and holy days. There is a Muslim Restaurant adjoining the courtyard of the mosque which opens daily from noon to 3 pm and from 7 to 10:30pm

It is located in 5th arrondissement and if you are from the Eiffel Tower, take the metro from Bir Hakim Metro station. Take line Nation to Place D'Italie and transfer to Metro line 7 with direction towards La Courneuve.  Get off at Place Monge station and you're in the precinct of the mosque. 

Address: 2 bis Place du Puits de l'Ermite, 75005 Paris, France
Telephone: 01 45 35 97 33
The tile work on the walls
The columns and the center fountain imitates Al-Hambra of Granada
The corridors to the prayer hall
Wood carving on the door
Inscription on the walls
The central courtyard of the mosque
Moroccan style minaret
Taking a rest after the prayer


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