Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken West Town
Switzerland is my first destination for 2012. From April 28 to May 15, we covered few places in Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and France. Such a hectic journey but all these countries are nothing new to us except for the two new entrants; Croatia and Slovenia. 

On arrival in Heathrow at 11pm on 28th April, we had to go to Gatwick, get some rest and catch the earliest morning flight to Geneva. Flying from London to Geneva by Easyjet is the easiest, fastest and cheapest option. This time, we’re a big group of 11 people; families and friends. Plans and bookings are made way in advance, minor hiccups in the journey are expected and hopefully there are no serious flaws. If anything major goes wrong, that would be an extra cost and time!

Great, we arrived in Geneva as scheduled but the train to Interlaken via Bern was rerouted…someone killed himself/herself on the track. They announced several times that the cancelation has nothing to do with technical fault, reassuring us that their rail system remains the best. After few times in Switzerland, I would confirm Switzerland has the best rail system in the world and it is the most efficient and economical way to move around the country. 

Best Western Bernerhof, Interlaken
It was about 2pm when we arrived in Interlaken and we stayed in Best Western Bernerhof…across Interlaken West train station and right in the middle of the town. About fifteen years ago, Interlaken was just a small town but today it has expanded noticeably to cater for the increasing number of tourists. I hate to say this but I love Interlaken then. Unterseen  and the area around it has changed quite a bit. 

In those days, I used to bump into many Japanese in Interlaken and even the sales girls in the shops were Japanese. But today, the Indians seem to dominate! While the world is generally experiencing economic problems, India has surely overtaken Japan in terms of purchasing power parity, making it the third biggest economy after US and China. And, the fact that Switzerland is frequently the shooting location of the Indian Bollywood movies has probably drawn the citizens to this beautiful country.

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