Friday, June 3, 2011

A Perfect Hideaway - Sanchol, Mazandaran

The town and villages along the Caspian shores get very hot in Summer and some affluent Iranians would have a holiday home up the mountain to get away from the summer heat. Sanchol is a perfect hideaway on the mountains about an hour drive from Amol.  It was foggy on the day we drove up the winding road of Sanchol.  Ebrahim drove high enough until the other side of the mountain became visible with houses dotting the landscape.  We stopped the car and started climbing a few hundred meters on top of the highland...it was worth the effort when we saw the breathtaking view of the village from a distance.

We came across very few cars, the surrounding was peaceful with only birds chirping and the air was fresh and crisp .  There was a shepherd busy gathering hay for his horses and we walked over to the shepherd's hut to have a peek at his activities. My friend was talking to the man in Persian and he invited us for tea but we had to leave as it was getting late.  We then proceed to our friend's house on the highest peak of the village. From the balcony we had another perfect view of the rolling green hills and the valley.

Parvin and I prepared hot tea to be served with biscuits and nuts.  It was really unfortunate that we were not able to spend the night in Sanchol as we were leaving for Sanandaj the next morning. It was almost dusk when we left Sanchol to get back to Amol.

Public Bath
From the other side of the mountain

The village from a distance
Beautiful tree with its flowers scattering on the ground
We visited the shepherd's hut
The shepherd's hut
Holiday home in Sanchol
Traditional heater for extra heat on cold winter nights
The villager came to deliver fresh eggs, milk and turkey
The valley near the house
The valley

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