Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fish picnic under the mulberry trees - Palanga, Kurdistan

Cleaning the fish
After a long walk, we finally arrived at the picnic spot....under the mulberry trees on the river bank.  It was scorching but under the leafy shades by the river,  the air was fresh and the gushing water from the mountain cools the environment.  Everybody was stretching their legs and making themselves comfortable while waiting for our fish to be grilled.  I think it is a village restaurant though it does not look like one. The Kurdish women were busy cleaning the fish, our main dish for the day.

The table was simply laid with huge plastic wrap...refreshment was served while waiting for the fish.  Soon the fish was ready....one big fish for each and every one of us. The fish was wrapped with a very thin layer of bread and then it was distributed on the table.  Ahhhh..... almost impossible for the ladies to finish it!  The bread was absolutely delicious and the freshness and sweetness of the fish invigorated our palate. It would be perfect I thought if I have some squeezes of lemon to balance the audaciously used of salt on the fish!

Everybody was enjoying their fish and as predicted the ladies could barely finish theirs. After the meal I opted for glasses of warm tea to wash down the fishy feeling down my throat :). Then finally comes the luscious watermelon to cool us off....and so we had an impeccable fish picnic under the mulberry trees by the river!

Tedious job
The fish
The red charcoal began to grill the fish
Delicious grilled fish wrapped in thin flat bread
Meal is ready for everybody
The girls weren't sure if they could finish it!
Feasting time
These boys had no problem with the fish :)
Sweet, succulent watermelon 


  1. Hi I'm from Iran
    I tonight searching in internet for a matter and find your weblog accidentally
    Thanks for your great work

    1. Hi Fred,
      The best picnic I ever had and I'm deeply touched by the hospitable villagers.