Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Working Holiday - Iran

Decoupage decoration in Isfahan 
Azadi Tower in Tehran
It has been a while since I updated this blog. I was in Iran for 12 days....a combination of work and holiday trip from 15th to 26th of May, 2011. The travel was finalized in just less than two weeks before the travel date and the preparation was the least I had ever done. It was actually a mixed feeling of to travel and not to travel. The recent development in the Middle East has been the major concern since Iran is a neighboring country. Although certain parts of Iran are considered as risky area….advice and concern of the people I know in Iran were taken due consideration. It has been a marvelous journey into a country which is not easily accessible due to political and language barriers but yet has a lot to offer the world for a most enriching experience!

I wish to extend my gratitude to friends and associates in Sanandaj, Mazandaran, Ahwaz, Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan for their overwhelming hospitality and kindness during our presence in Iran. Though I was skeptical about the security and safety especially in Kurdistan but the journey has somehow changed my whole perception about the country. In my heart I sincerely thank the strangers I met on the streets who have offered us a warm welcome to their beautiful country.

The youths and kids on the streets anxiously approached us asking, “Where are you from?” and the next line would be, “Welcome to our country” or “Welcome to Iran”. Though the conversation did not go any further due to language limitation but it truly touches my heart. Getting invited to homes for tea is nothing strange in this country and sincerity transcends in their eyes! It is a country where English is hardly spoken and foreigners are rare in some remote areas, yet generosity and smiles are abundant. And Kurdistan almost brought me to tears!

Kids on the streets of Shiraz posed for us

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