Friday, August 9, 2013

Takengon Morning Market - Takengon, Aceh, Indonesia

It was a busy Monday morning in Ramadhan - Takengon
At about 7 am and everybody is rushing to the market
It was the nicest morning I ever felt...the air is fresh and crisp in Takengon. You can really feel the difference...in the mountains with no pollution. It was about 6.30 am and we decided to check-out early.  Takengon begins its day as busy as every other days but it's Ramadhan and everyone is rushing to the morning market to get their daily supplies. It's a rule of thumb - if you get to shop early, you'll get better quality of groceries. Along with the locals we walked through the market to shop for some interesting food that we have never come across our lives. 
Fresh matured coconuts for sale

Morning market in Indonesia is such an interesting place to include in your itinerary. Not only it gives you a fascinating opportunity to experience local environment, colorful surrounding, noisy atmosphere but it's also a photography heaven. The petty vendors shout and call for their customers, friendliness is the key to their business success...it's the way they compete to lure their customers. Hence, they are also camera friendly. The moment you point your camera at them, they're ready to give your a pose and a smile. Even taking pictures of their merchandise is not a problem. 

           Depik are small fish from Lake Lut Tawar. They taste very delicious.

Deepik vendor selling her fish according to its sizes
Last night, at the restaurant, we ate Depik, small fish from the lake and it tastes superbly delicious. The availability of the fish is very seasonal and in fact it is the season now.  So we intended to take home some Depik. By the local standards, Depik is expensive, about 120,000 Rupiah (about $11 USD) per kilogram and the price varies with size.  The price is actually equivalent to the price of meat in Aceh! 

Then we moved on to the vegetable sections and our eyes were glued on the colorful fruits and vegetables neatly lined in rows on the streets.  We walked all over tempting to buy a lot of things but since our journey would be a long way before we fly home, it's not a good idea to buy anything perishable. Then, from a distance we watched the fish section...I can't stand the stinky smell...the fishmongers and vendors were happily calling for their customers.  The local fish come from the lake while salt water fish come from the neighboring fishing town in Aceh.  

At about half past eight, we left Takengon leaving joyful memory of such a short stay. The friendliness of the Gayo inhabitants and the tasteful Gayo Coffee  will last long in our memory. As soon as we left Takengon, we were back on the rocky road of Kabupaten Aceh Tengah. Our next destination is Tritit, another site of the recent earthquake. 

We thought we were early at 7 am but there were already many people
Vegetables vendors and their goods
Colorful vegetables neatly lined on the street
The locals shopping for their daily supplies
Fish is the popular protein
Depik are small fish from Lake Lut Tawar. They tastes very delicious. 
The fishmongers asked their picture to be taken
Tuna fish which must have come from other parts of Aceh
The Beca is more elaborate with front cover and operates with a motor engine 
Beca (Trishaw) is a common transportation in the town
The basket at the sides of the bike are loaded with fresh fish
Posing for the camera - they are happy and ready to begin their day
Bandang fish is the favorite of many
The fishmonger's motorcycle is loaded with fish for sale around the villages
Noodles is so popular among the locals

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