Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lunch at Maison Berber - Telouet, High Atlas, Morocco

Fruits and Chicken Couscous for lunch
I love Moroccan food especially their unique technique of slow cooking in the tagine - conical shaped pot. After the visit to Pasha El Galoui in Telouet, we were very hungry. Our guide had arranged for lunch at Maison Beber - a village restaurant in the High Atlas region. Maison Berber is actually the home of a Berber family who is the friend of Ahmed and Mustafa, our guide. The restaurants is in the middle of remote land with few houses around it and a small village which was visible from a distance. I think it caters only for tourists who happened to pass this area and they are usually taken here by their guides. The great relief was that we were also given the space for prayers before we continued our journey further.

We were seated comfortably in the living hall of the house and there were a few other tourist having lunch. The restaurant is on the upper level of a house and the ground floor is a carpet shop. The food was delicious and the ambiance of the restaurant was very cozy. It really felt like we were having lunch in the comfort of a home. After the delicious lunch, we were ushered to the carpet shop on the ground floor but there was no pressure that we had to buy anything there. In fact we did not buy anything from the store.

The lunch was much more fun than the carpets. Morocco is famous for its couscous and the fruits and chicken couscous served was full of flavor. After almost a week in Morocco, that was our first Cous-Cous meal...simple but yet delicious!
Delicious fresh salad - sprinkled with a dash of cumin powder

We were hungry!
The hand written bill for 4 people was 280 Dirham (25 Euro)
Mud houses near Maison Berber
A village near the restaurant

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