Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Convenient Town - Treviso, Italy

Pretty residential area in Treviso by the river

We decided to stay in Treviso because the hotels in Venice are really expensive.  Our best option is to commute by train which takes about 30 - 40 minutes from Treviso to Venezia. It isn't really a bad idea after all to base in Treviso because it is a convenient little town where everything is within a walking distance and after all we are flying from Treviso airport to Bristol. The town has many shopping outlet and the boutique shops lined the streets.   

We stayed for two nights in Continental, Treviso and it is just a short walking distance from the train station. The hotel is very clean and basic but most of all the staff are very helpful and kind. It was our last day in Treviso and we had to catch our flight to Bristol at 9pm. We checked out early that day, left our bags at the hotel and went to Venice. 

The streets were full of ice balls
By late afternoon, we got back from Venice and stopped by at the Kebab shop about 100 meters from Continental.  We ordered our kebab and while waiting it began to rain. Unexpectedly, the rain changed into hail and everybody on the streets was running for shelters. Soon the kebab shop was packed with people and so were other shops along the street. The streets and the side walks were full of ice balls as big as thumbs.  The hails showered the little town of Treviso for about 20 to 30 minutes and I was glad it wasn’t long and heavy enough to delay our flight to Bristol, UK. 

Shopping area 
The Vespa are everywhere
Famous boutiques
Hails splashing into the river near the Kebab Shop

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